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Achter de schermen: NAÏF






Wat beweegt twee jonge vaders om hun goede banen achter zich te laten om zich te storten in de wereld van babysmeersels? Jochem en Sjoerd deden het. Lees verder over hun avontuur dat NAÏF heet. En win en passant een Giftbox.

NAIF Jochem en Sjoerd


Uit een idealisme, uit een intens verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel voor hun eigen kinderen maar uiteindelijk wilden ze voor ieder kind ALL THE BEST. Dus bouwden ze aan een duurzame verzorgingslijn om zo de wereld van babycare te veranderen. Ziekenhuizen, dagverblijven en moeders van over de hele wereld ontdekken NAÏF as we speak.

Could you please introduce yourself?


Hi! My name is Jochem Hes and I am one of the fathers that founded NAÏF Baby care in 2013.

I’m a dad of three boys; Tycho (4), Tobias (2,5) and Wicher born on the 17th of April this year.
In my free time I like to go to the beach with my kids. We are living in The Hague so only a bike ride away from endless fun at the beach. We often play soccer in the park or go play with the kids of Sjoerd who just lives a few block away from us. I am big fan of cycling myself and an annual participant in the Amstel Gold Race.



Hi! I am Sjoerd Trompetter the other dad that founded NAÏF together with Jochem. I’m a dad of two boys; Klaas (2 and 10 months) and Jack (4 months)
Just like Jochem I spent my free time playing with the kids. I am a big fan of being outdoors so we spent a lot of time at the beach or on our family boat in the North of Holland. Whenever I have the opportunity I go surfing.


Please describe your daily routine at NAÏF Care

{they start laughing at the same time}

Sjoerd: Because we are a start-up company a daily routine is hard to define. Besides our usual cup of coffee in the morning every day is completely different. We are a lot on the road to develop new business, meet with potential partners and to network in general. One day we are talking to a distributor in China the next day we are wrapping gifts for moms that ordered in our web shop.

Jochem: Never a dull moment, which makes NAÏF, the coolest job we ever had.


How do you get inspired?

Jochem: When we first became dads we were inspired by a lot of things. An entire new world opened up to us; new brands and new products. When we looked at Baby Care Brands we were surprised by the lack of quality in mass-market products. On the other hand we missed an attractive brand that felt like a present. So we combined those to insights and started our pursuit to create the best baby care brand in the world.

Sjoerd: What inspires today is the feedback we get from moms from all over the world. We receive so many love letters (laughs) from mothers telling us that they like our products so much because they look good, smell great and look good in their perfectly styed baby rooms. It gives us energy to develop new products and conquer the world.


What are the trends in babycare according to you/NAÏF? Do you see upcoming changes?

Jochem: We think there is a clear trend towards natural and quality products. When you look at the food industry the trend has been going on for a couple of years now, but we see a clear shift to other industries such as personal care, strollers and toys as well.

Sjoerd: Moms are looking to buy the best for their baby’s and I think nowadays they are more aware of the long-term effects of their choices. So they are looking for sustainable products that are practical and cool at the same time.


What do you think is a must have this season for kids?

Sjoerd; definitely the wishbone bike! A must have for an all boys family.

Jochem: Imagine a household with three young boys? The amount of toys that are all around the living room. You can guess that The play & go bag is by far my favourite discovery of the last few months. My house looks well-arranged just in time before people come and visit us.

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